the legend
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The Love of 

high-born Koong-se and 

lowly Chang is one guarded

by the Willows that magically

drape the magnificent pagoda's terraces with purest blossom for their secret



But then they are

discovered, and after banishing Chang her father - the powerful High Mandarin - betrothes

Koong-se to a mighty


On the night of the betrothal banquet Chang bravely returns,

and amid the pomp of the

Warlord’s arrival he slips through in disguise as a guest and 

steals Koong-se away across the bridge over the river, pursued

in vain by the Mandarin.

The Lovers flee by small

boat to a far province and a new life together. But in time news of

them reaches the Mandarin 

who travels with the Warlord to bring his daughter back.


Chang will not step aside,

but is no match for the Warlord

and is mortally wounded.


Trying to deflect a final

swordthrust, Koong-se too

takes a fatal strike and lies

there with her Love. 


But it is a release, and

as the Villagers attend with all

respect to the needs of their lifeless bodies, the Lovers'' souls rise as fabulous lovebirds to

soar through all the skies

and all the heavens, inseparable for all of eternity.